A Simple Guide On How To Shorten Cordless Mini Blinds

Mini-blinds and shades that are available on retail stores easily fit windows. It is because they are manufactured on a standard. But if you need blinds for a window that doesn’t fall in the category of standard, the additional length can make the blinds look rather a poor fit for the window. On the brighter side, you can shorten mini-blinds with a little effort.

Follow these steps on how to shorten cordless mini blinds:

1.      Measure Window’s Height

It is to measure the length you need for mini-blinds, from the casing on top to all the way down to the window sill.

2.      Mark The Mini-Blinds To Determine Length

Mark from the top of the casing to the blind slat that corresponds with the window length. Leave a little room for error and mark the mini-blind.

3.      Remove The Rail Plugs

Most mini-blinds come with 3 string ladders with plastic plugs to access the lift cord. You can pull out the plugs without much work.

4.      Lift Cords And Pull Upward

Pull the cords upward until the marked slat is free from the slats. Remember to untie the knot on lift cords because it will lift the cords through the holes.

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5.      Slide And Remove Slats

Sliding the bottom rail out of the string ladders offers better access to blind slats. Now, remove the number of extra slats. The lift cord is already removed, so sliding out slats is not difficult anymore.

6.      Fix Back The Bottom Rail

When you have obtained the desired length for your cordless mini blind, fix the bottom rail back under the remaining blind slats. Get rid of the unused sections which are no longer needed.

7.      Fix Back Lift Cords

Tie a new knot at the end of each cord. If not sure about the placement of knots, use a measuring tape to ensure they are in the proper position and the mini-blinds will hang evenly.

8.      Replace The Rail Plugs

Before calling it a day, make sure that all 3 rail plugs are in position when you hang the mini-blind in the window. Try opening and closing positions, as well as raising and lowering it to ensure it is working properly.