What are the best blackout motorized shades?

The technology had made it into our lives and made everything capable of operating via a single remote or a smartphone. The most common example of technological integration in our houses is electronic drapes. There are two types of blackout motor shades.

1.      Battery-powered

  • These types of shade are not connected with the internal system of a house with cords and wire. Besides, it does not require wires to operate. Further, the most common benefit it can yield is for elderly people. Thus, by installing a single motor shade power by a battery, they can operate it without lifting any foot.
  • Most of the contractors in the market provide years of long-lasting battery, thus, it saves money spent on regular battery change. Secondly, you can pre-schedule your motor drape to either close or open in the morning without disturbing your sleep.
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2.      Wired shades

  • The cord blackout shade had been replaced by the electronically wired blackout shade. These types of shades are wire into the house’s central electric system. Further, it can operate via a single switch.
  • As the wired shades are linked with the electric wire thus, it does not require regular battery replacement. Unlike in the past, wire blackout shades easier to install and operate than corded blackout drapes or shades.
  • Unlike motor shade, the wire drape provides smooth operation by consuming sufficient power from the electrical system. Additionally, if you have installed multiple wired shades connected to the single electrical unit, then they will provide coordinated motion.
  • Other significant benefits of wire blackout drapes are they are more budget-friendly and economical to purchase as compared to the motor blackout drapes. Thus, if you want to get a budget-friendly package for wire blackout shades, then you can contact Somfy blackout shades located in Highlands North Carolina

Reason to install blackout motor shades

  1. Less energy consumption. Any blackout drapes can be used to completely block out solar light to ensure the internal cooling system work effectively without consuming extra energy.
  2. Enhance the interior of the house. Most of the blackout drapes can be customized based on your house’s interior. Thus, installing a customized blackout drape can ensure a luxurious look without affecting the interior.
  3. Additionally, apart from customizing the appearance, you can also customize the size according to the top of your windows and interior.
  4. People often don’t know that the blackout drapes can be used as a room separator. Thus, installing a single drape can protect your privacy and private space from intrusion.
  5. One significant reason to install a motorized or wired blackout shade are they do not involve any loose wires.