When it comes to motorizing your window coverings,

Transform your shading experience with the right remote control. At Smart Shading Systems, we offer a variety of remote options to match your style and meet your convenience needs. Choose the best control for your automatic shades.

Upgrade your shading system with Somfy’s reliable and efficient motors. Choose from a wide range of power options, including line voltage, low voltage, battery, and rechargeable battery with solar panel charging. Experience smooth and nearly silent operation for the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

  • Wired wall switches
  • Wireless wall switches
  • Hand-held remotes
  • Telis remote controls with multiple channels
  • Sunis WireFree outdoor remote control
  • Connexoon wireless control from smartphones and tablets
  • RTS interface for integration with home automation systems

These are just a few examples of the remote control options offered by Somfy. The right remote control can make all the difference in the ease of use and convenience of your motorized shading system.

Somfy Telis 16

Somfy Telis 16 remote, available in silver, white, off-white

Somfy Deco-Flex wall switch

Somfy Deco-Flex wall switch, 5 channel white

Somfy Black Deco-Flex wall switch

Somfy Deco-Flex wall switch, 5 channel black

Somfy Deco-Flex table top

Somfy’s Deco-Flex wall switch in a table top remote base

Sofmy's Old style Telis remotes

Somfy’s Old style Telis remotes, single and five channel shown

Somfy's Telis remotes

Somfy’s Old style Telis remotes, available colors shown

Somfy Patio remote

Somfy’s outdoor patio remote, water resistant

Somfy Situo line

Somfy’s clean line of Situo remotes, wide range of colors

Somfy's Smoove remote

Somfy’s Smoove remote, with different color bezels available.